The Benefits of Stainless Steel Paneling

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The Popularity of Stainless Steel Paneling


The use of stainless steel paneling is increasing in both commercial and residential applications for new construction and renovation projects. Stainless steel is an excellent choice for both interior and exterior cladding projects due to the many different benefits it offers over other types of traditional cladding materials.


Any project that demands premium quality materials due to aesthetics, performance requirements or long term enjoyment will benefit from the use of stainless steel or other types of metal paneling. These types of paneling can be used for smaller scale projects, but the design of the panels as well as the installation systems facilitate use in large scale, repetitive applications.


Commercial builders, condo developers and residential builders are increasingly taking advantage of the unique benefits that stainless steel paneling offers in terms of stunning looks, durability, small carbon footprint and worry-free maintenance.



The Benefits of Stainless Steel Paneling


As a premium interior and exterior wall cladding, stainless steel paneling offers many benefits over tradition materials such as wood and vinyl.

Stainless steel and other premium metal paneling really outshines the competition in the beauty of the material and the ability to customize the look to suit any design applications. Panels can be installed multidirectional in a huge variety of colors and different textures for custom styling. Stainless steel is the perfect choice for creating a bold, clean and contemporary modern look that offers clean and seamless integration. Metal paneling will complement other high end materials such as stone or glass to create a truly high end atmosphere for any application.


Durability is another key benefit with stainless steel paneling. When it comes to providing stress-free peace of mind and enjoyment that is built to last a very long time, stainless steel truly lives up to being a premium cladding material. The top suppliers of stainless steel paneling warranty their products for up to 40 years.


Stainless steel paneling is virtually maintenance free. These panels resist stains and are very easy to clean. Modern installation systems have eliminated the use of preformed sealants and gaskets to prevent streaking and eliminate most common maintenance tasks. Stainless steel can be coated to make it completely non-porous which improves the hygiene properties for the material.


It is important to choose a cladding material that is environmentally responsible. Stainless steel paneling uses recyclable materials and 100% of the paneling can be recycled if it needs to be replaced.



Technologically Advanced Stainless Steel Paneling


Nortem Corporation is a company that specializes in Architectural Cladding. This includes a wide range of stainless steel and other metal paneling solutions for many different market segments. Nortem is dedicated to designing and manufacturing premium high tech full spectrum paneling solutions that meet Leed Certification for energy efficiency while also offering exceptional thermal, acoustic, fire-resistance and ventilation performance for any project.


Nortem Corporation specializes in full package installation systems that optimize performance while optimizing resources and construction time due to simplified installation. From full scale façade projects including rainscreen cladding systems to premium soffit panels, Nortem has the products to make your project a success.

Contact Nortem today and discover the benefits of metal soffit panels for your new construction or renovation project. 




Nortem offers the most green and efficient cladding system. Our choice of fully recyclable material for our metal panelling products is based on research and innovation.

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